Why do humans leave?

Aditya Modekurti
4 min readAug 24, 2020
A Dog’s Purpose (2017) — Source: Google Images

I am not sure how it all started, but there was light, loads of it. It was all hazy, I remember playing with my brothers, snuggling with my mother… and then… I was put in a container? I remember moving, moving for a very long time. I woke up and I was in a different place. I did not find my mother anywhere. I found a different set of people around me, they were older than me. It was boring, I did not feel like playing, might be because of all the moving. After a few days of waiting, I saw two creatures, they were huge! I think they were humans. One human was smaller than the other, they came towards me and the small human picked me up. He was so happy to see me, he took me to a different place. This place was different, so many unique structures, so many humans around me and the floor was slippery. Hmm… weird. This new set of humans were so kind to me, they picked me up, smiled, fed me, and took great care of me. I don’t know what it was, but whenever they saw me, they had a huge grin on their faces.

Days passed by, I got accustomed to the new place (home, it’s called) and the slippery floor. Small human and I spent a lot of time together, we chased each other, we ate together and we played. There was this one particular game which was my favorite, human threw a rope at me and I would take it back to him. I became sneaky and I started to take the rope away from the human and make him chase me, hehehe, it was fun. He used to spend a lot of time, sitting in the same place, staring at something and thinking. Was he thinking of a way to defeat me at the game? Was he making a treato machine for me? Or was he just trying to annoy me? I will never know, but I surely became restless while he was doing this. I tried to make him play with me by bringing him the rope, lying beside him and nudging him. Occasionally human would give in to my cute eyes and start playing with me. Another fond memory I have is that of napping with my human. He would go and lie down on this platform. It took me some time to jump and see him, eventually, I managed to. I liked to snuggle beside him and steal his space. You might think my human is all peaceful and caring, no! I remember this very unfortunate incident where I feasted on some very tasty paper. I don’t know why but my human was very angry at me. He did not play with me that day. I understood that feasting on paper wasn’t welcomed. Maybe because I did not invite him? Probably, my human feels jealous when I do things without him. Oh yeah, that should be it! Phew.

Wait, I haven’t talked (woofed?) about the big humans. So, there were two other humans who were with me. They were older and bigger. One of them used to make my favorite food, they were frisbees I could eat! I loved it a lot and I always reminded them to make some. I used to go and rest my chin on their feet while they were making the frisbees. So they started making smaller frisbees for me. They were so good! I occasionally sneaked a few bites from my humans’ frisbees too!

The small human went out of the house every day in the morning. He carried a heavy sack (bag or something) and got onto this thing. The thing made a weird noise, but I liked it because it signaled the arrival of the small human. I missed his presence when he went out. As soon as I heard the weird noise, I would run to the window and start peeking for my human. Ah, it was always the happiest moment of the day. My tail gets excited whenever I see him and I make it a point to greet him with a few kisses.

Years passed by, human used to go out and come back, he was out for longer than usual nowadays. We still played our game and ate our frisbees. Everything was fine until one day, the whole mood changed, humans started to act differently, they were filling boxes with clothes… this was the first time this happened. My small human’s stuff was disappearing, his shoes and clothes, they were gone. It was very weird. One day, small human left with these boxes. I thought it was his usual routine but this was very different, he never carried these boxes around… I gave my usual goodbye barks from the window and waited till he left. Days passed by, he never came back. It was longer than usual, this was very concerning. I heard the weird noise, WAS THIS HIM? I ran to the window to look for him, but no, it wasn’t. I heard the noise a lot of times after this, but small human never came back. The whole mood changed, it was me and my rope, but no human to throw. I jumped up the platform but I did not find my human to snuggle. Frisbees never tasted the same. I gave up feasting on books. I felt alone without my human and that is when I began to wonder, ‘Why do humans leave?’

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